About to wash face with Ultraceuticals

4 things you must know before you cleanse your skin

Straight from our team of expert therapists, here is what you need to know about cleansing your skin at home.

Always, and we mean ALWAYS, remember to wash your hands first! Think of all the things you may have just touched… the last thing you want is germs or bacteria on your skin. Always start by washing your hands first – your face will thank you for it.

Always double cleanse! Your first cleanse works to break down any makeup, and remove dirt and excess oils from the day. The second cleanse will clean your skin, and works to address your particular skin type or concern. That’s why it’s important to select the right products, containing ingredients that are tailored to YOUR skin type.

Avoid washing your face with hot water. Your complexion is delicate, and heat can affect the moisture barriers and can cause your skin to dry out. Use lukewarm water to avoid skin feeling tight, or over-producing sebum.

Cleansing harder does not mean you will get a deeper clean. Rubbing your skin too hard can cause premature ageing and cause existing conditions to worsen. Imagine you are getting a facial every time you cleanse. Slow and steady wins the race.