About Face Clinic is your hub for semi-permanent make-up treatments through cosmetic tattooing for enhancement. Cosmetic tattooing can enhance your facial features such as your eyebrows or lips.

Feather touch brows include micro-pigmenting fine strokes that mimic hair into the outer layers of the skin. The results are very natural and can go undetected.


Semi-permanent gives you the flexibility to change, down the track. Permanent tattoos don’t. In fact, permanent tattoos tend to fade to a dull blue shade that sticks around like a bad smell. Thus, going semi-permanent offers you the option of continuing with your current shape (by simply doing a “top-up” treatment) or completely reshape your eyebrows.



Results can last for 12 months and sometimes even longer however we recommend coming in annually for a refill.


Price: 450

Combination brows are a combination of both powder and feather touch techniques to create a full looking brow.


Price: $650

Henna is a natural type of stain used to tint the brow hair and skin to create the appearance of a fuller tinted brow.


Results can last up to four weeks.


Price: $70

Semi permanent makeup to softly enhance and define natural lips by placing coloured pigments into the lips to create a blushed tinted look.


Price: $550